• Destin Deep Sea Fishing
  • Destin Deep Sea Fishing
  • Destin Deep Sea Fishing
  • Destin Deep Sea Fishing

Destin Fishing Rodeo
Destin Rodeo

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Deep sea fishing from Destin FL at its best!

For those seeking the thrill of catching some hard fighting, fine eating fish from the salty gulf waters off of Destin, Captain Scott welcomes you aboard the Charter Boat Phoenix! Whether you are new to the excitement of fishing or have long enjoyed the challenge of hooking into a mix of deep sea fish, we have just the right tackle to make the best sport of it. We welcome all families and truly enjoy helping all newcomers, from the youngest of the tikes on up. A family who fishes together, eats together!

So why is Destin "the world’s luckiest fishing village"? Why do we have more charter boats here than in any other harbor in Florida, maybe the U.S.? Most agree that it's the close proximity of Destin Harbor to the deep offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Other Gulf harbors from the Panhandle may be twice the distance to the abundant life found in the deeper waters.

Charter Boat Phoenix - A true offshore fishing boat.

Destin harbor is one of the busiest and most productive sport fishing harbors in America. So with the many choices, it may be to your distinct advantage to do your homework before making the best decision. A true, offshore fishing vessel is essential for safety and comfort. If you have the chance to walk the dock, along with the size, a good story is told by how clean and organized the boat is kept.

The charter boat Phoenix has long been known as one of the premier offshore fishing charters out of Destin. For thirty plus years now Captain Scott has seen the comings and goings of those who have dabbled part time in the charter fishing world. But that's not his concern, he and his crew have only one goal in mind every time they leave the dock. That is to provide their guests with the most productive, safe and enjoyable trip that they are able.

There are several top-notch deep sea charter boats to choose from out of Destin harbor. It should come as no surprise that the most accomplished captains may have little availability the closer you get to your planned fishing dates. You can easily avoid the frustration of a lackluster (or worse) fishing trip by booking your choice early.
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Destin Fishing Rodeo

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